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Reviews for The Seer's Curse

AM Cambridge August 2017

Thanks very much for entrusting me with your splendid book. It’s been a real privilege to read it. 

This is very well written and highly imaginative work, that held my attention through its 298 pages.

The story offers a finely crafted balance between reality and fantasy that is compelling, and the
introduction of a whole new mythology that then become part of the actual story is a wonderful

PQ Devon September 2017

I have read J's book twice, it was brilliant, the story line and descriptions absolutely spot on,

I believe J has real talent, I hope the book goes a long way.

SAJ Cambridge January 2018

I loved this book. The story builds to a point that you can't put the book down. It is totally absorbing. You find yourself wrapped up in the world of Orleigh and Piprin, torn between turning the pages quickly to find out what happens and reading and enjoying each and every word. It is well crafted and the myths that hold the story together are original and beautiful.