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May 9, 2018

Use a different font

It’s a standard piece of advice, but I never truly believed in its power until I tried it for myself. I know it sounds strange, but it felt as though the manuscript I was reading had been written by someone else. All its faults and clunky phrases st...

April 19, 2018

Looking for that lightbulb moment. Image from Wix.

Some days the inspiration doesn’t flow as easily as others, so today I thought I’d share some tips for finding inspiration.

Be Curious

How many stories start from a ‘what if’? Be curious about the world. Why are things th...

April 2, 2018

In this post I want to share some of my book highlights from the year so far.

Ink by Alice Broadway

In a world where all of a person’s deeds and accomplishments are inked onto her skin for everyone to see, Leora must come to terms not only with her father’s death, but wi...

March 26, 2018

Last week was hectic and my head is still spinning, so I’m keeping the post short this week and sharing a few of the things that I’m loving at the moment.

Homemade pizza! 

I go through phases of loving pizza and then not being that fussed about it. When I do want pizza,...

March 18, 2018

Fanfiction. Often considered to be a waste of time, poorly written, and just not something that real writers do. I think that fanfiction has its place though, and that place isn’t Room 101.

Above all else, fanfiction is fun. Delving a little deeper, fanfiction encourage...

March 11, 2018

A few weeks ago, I was walking in the woods at Byron’s Pool, chatting away with my mum about books and publishing, when a grey, furry cannonball shot down from the tree next to me, hurtled past my head just millimetres from my face and landed with a thump on the ground...

March 6, 2018

I have a confession to make: I was a book snob. I thought that the only books that were self-published were the ones that weren’t good enough for a traditional publishing deal. There was no way that I would be self-publishing my book! Until it came time to find an agen...

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