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    Kirkus Reviews

    Faulks’ worldbuilding is fantastic and intricate...Tales of myth intertwine in this lush and often engaging fantasy.

    The Bookbag

    The Seer's Curse will appeal to a wide audience interested in fantasy and mythology

    The secrets, twists and turns of the story are gripping enough to hold your attention and the author does well to build the tension, making it a real page-turner.

    Cheryl M-M's Book Blog

    The Seer's Curse is a strong debut & Faulks is worth watching

    The Seer's Curse

    Life in the village is hard for Orleigh and Piprin. Orleigh is believed to be cursed following her mother's death in childbirth and seven subsequent poor harvests. Whilst Piprin suffers under the expectations of an overbearing and demanding father. 

    Together they make a pact and the future seems bearable.  But just as the pact is struck, Orleigh is taken to be sacrificed to the Earth God, Teymos.

    Years later when Piprin learns that Orleigh might still be alive, he resolves to rescue her and to return her to the Land of Mortals. Guided by the Seer and the myths of his childhood, Piprin sets out alone on a quest to the Land of Gods, where mortals like him are forbidden.

    But will Piprin survive his quest? And why is the Seer so interested in Orleigh’s fate?

    A tale of friendship, acceptance and self-discovery, filled with a new mythology, The Seer’s Curse is a moving debut to be enjoyed by all fantasy fans.

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